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Omni McCluney

Welcome! I am so happy you brought your beautiful energy to my page. 


I like to believe that I have never met a stranger. When my spirit meets another, I instantaneously connect with theirs. So my hope is that you feel that same connection with me after exploring my page. 

I always hated the question from potential suitors or interviews that asked “So who is Omni McCluney”? I would often sit drawing a blank for longer than normal minutes pondering that question. And now thinking back in hindsight that was never a suitable or appropriate question for me during the stage of life that I was in. Why? Because I had no clue who I was!


I hadn’t experienced life in its truest and purest form to even know whom I had become. It wasn't until life hit me in such a way that I had no choice to persevere and use whatever “secret weapons” had been placed inside me at birth. So at this stage of my life, I am sure to answer that question with conviction. I am a strong-willed, resilient, down-to-earth, loving, sometimes overly emotional, generous, caring soul.


I absolutely love hearing and feeling the passion of others when they share their tragic testimonies, life journeys, and obstacles that they fought to overcome. I often get chills during these moments.  It’s something about the “messiness” of life, that allows us to grow into our greatest potential, and as odd as this may sound, I try to never run away from the “mess”, but to embrace it to the fullest.  

Originally from Houston, TX, I lived in a plethora of places that have contributed to who I am today. After leaving home for college I ventured to areas such as New Orleans LA,  Dodge City KS, Richmond KY, where I played collegiate basketball. Then I found my way to Atlanta GA, and then Tampa FL.


The most pivotal times in my life would have been when I became a Physician Assistant from Emory University and when I had a Double Lung Transplant. That’s right! You read correctly, a Double Lung Transplant. Becoming a Physician Assistant was a great achievement in my book, but actually practicing in the field didn’t become rewarding until after I was “re-born”.


The process I went through when I became sick in 2015, that led to me having a Double Lung Transplant during the peak of COVID, on Sept. 15, 2020,  was the most monumental, transformative, and divine experience that I have ever had. And truth be told, I’m so blessed and happy that God chose me for this path. 

Of All Things is my first novel, and it was developed during the latter three years before I was transplanted. During that time I was unable to practice full-time because of my debilitating lung condition, so to take my mind off the pain of it all I directed most of my energy into journaling on the experience. I never had the thought in mind to turn it all into a book, but life has a way of leading you down paths that you never would have expected. I hope this novel brings you all the joy it brought me and touches your soul in ways that you wouldn’t have imagined.

About Omni

10 Things About Omni

10 Things Omni

1. I love dogs!
If I could have a house full I probably would.

Omni's Top 10 #1

2. I enjoy being amongst nature, especially water.
I feel centered and calm when water is present.

Omni's Top 10 #2

3. I am a reformed impatient person. My patience use to run so thin,
but since my “rebirth”, I am more spiritual and calming from meditation,
praying and journaling.

Omni's Top 10 #3

4. Went to middle school with Beyonce.

Omni's Top 10 #4

5. President Obama sent me a letter, congratulating me on graduating from Emory University Physician Assistant Program.

Omni's Top 10 #5

6.  My favorite foods are Homemade Tacos and Avocados.
I literally eat avocado every morning, either on toast, eggs,
by itself, or sometimes in a smoothie. 

Omni's Top 10 #6

7. I once took a random trip “solo” to New York City for the first time,
and was a spectator  waving on tv during the taping of
Good Morning America.

Omni's Top 10 #7
good morning america.jpeg

8. In my free time, I enjoy reading and learning new things, relaxing, exercising, cooking, and playing with my Yorkie.

Omni's Top 10 #8

9. I am definitely a hopeless romantic.

Omni's Top 10 #9
hand holding.jpeg

10. My zodiac sign is Cancer.

Omni's Top 10 #10
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