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Of All Things

by Omni McCluney

Just when Imani thought she was living her golden life, the universe slammed the brakes on her world.  A young shy girl from Houston, dreams of being a larger than life personality in the medical field. As the young girl flourishes into her teenage years becoming the popular basketball player that everyone wants to be around, her devil may care attitude follows her.

Imani is the golden child who parties hard while maintaining stellar grades. College only ups the ante as she studies to become a Physician Assistant by day, fulfilling her fantasy of being a vixen dancer by night. She becomes all she wants to be, but be careful what you wish for...


That fast life has a way of catching up with you… Imani’s lungs give way and her grandiose tower crumbles to the ground.

Karma hits Imani like a hurricane with the simple truth that taking life and the people you meet for granted will lead to destruction.

Can Imani come to grips with the illness she develops or will she let it kill her? Keep reading to learn of one woman’s journey from tragedy to redemption.

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